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Hey there, stranger!

We are ecstatic that you are here to find out more about CAYA, the most exciting and innovative digital media company in Cape Town!  Read on for more about our story, our values, our goals, and the team that make it all happen.  We hope to welcome you into our CAYA Family soon!

Our Vision

Come  As  You  Are

Our Startup Story

CAYA Creative Studios was founded by Brad Farrell. As his second company in the Cape Town creative industry, his track record from working in the music industry boasts many of Cape Town's most exciting breakthrough artists, including Anica Kiana, Nalu, Spectr, PHLO, Kurt April, Xavier Dragner, and more. CAYA is Brad's latest endeavour to support and develop the Capetonian and South African creative industry!

CAYA was founded in partnership with the co-living and co-work company Neighbourgood, who are redefining communal living in Cape Town.

Our relationship with them, as well as Brad's core and consistent belief in community and collaboration as the catalyst for positive change in the Capetonian creative scene, has inspired a team and a brand that represents that.


CAYA delivers not only high-quality products and services, but equally as important, we provide an atmosphere and a culture that facilitates collaboration, friendship, and community; serving our core goal of supporting and carrying the Capetonian creative and media industries forward. 

Startup Story


Well, if you ask our Instagram audience what one word they associate with CAYA (like we did) they're likely to mention one of the words in this cute little word map to the right. 

We're a boutique creative production and consulting company that specializes in all things podcasting, event media, and organic content. But we're not just any ol' production team - we're all about forming long-term partnerships with our clients to improve communication, alignment, accountability, and value for money.

Who Are We?
Meet the Team


At CAYA, we want to provide content producers with the services and spaces that help them to enjoy their creative process more, and feel less restricted in that process.

We want to be a company that provides brands and individuals with services and spaces that address their most severe restrictions, that solve their biggest problems, and that help them to create the best possible realisation of their creative vision.

In that, we particularly aim to reduce barriers to entry to the creative industry, whilst also promoting visibility and representation of groups and voices that are underrecognised in our creative industry.

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