[kai - ya]

  1. (abr.)  Create As You Are {C.A.Y.A}.

  2. (abr.)  Come As You Are {C.A.Y.A}.

  3. (trans.)  khaya - isiXhosa for ‘house’ or ‘home’

  4. (trans.)  kuier - Afrikaans for ’visit’ or ‘hang out’.


Meet CAYA, a content creation hub collaborative venture between co-living brand Neighbourgood, and events/artist agency Audiophiles.  CAYA aims to meet the needs of Cape Town’s fast-growing internet entrepreneur culture, by providing a space that facilitates flexible content creation across medium, format and genre.

Beyond our core offering of the spaces that we will provide, we want to add value to our client-base by hosting events, activations, and providing services that facilitate an environment of collaboration and community.  


We want our space to encourage and empower the members of our community, far beyond the content that they create in our space.  By facilitating an atmosphere that encourages communication and collaboration, we hope to facilitate relationships and interactions that are meaningful and beneficial to all involved. 



Brad Farrell is the man behind everything CAYA, at least on the ground.  He's taken the brand from a brief idea over coffee with Murray Clark, CEO of Neighbourgood, to what it is today.

From a young age, Brad has always been the entrepreneurial type, always wanting to bring people he liked together to work on something bigger than all of them, and generally finding some success in doing so!

At the end of his matric year, after organising a school music festival that raised R35,000.00 for the Peninsula Schools Feeding Association, he founded AUDIOPHILES, a boutique events company, which later spawned The Amplifier, an artist agency.  Core to both of these projects was a deep passion to curate communication, foster collaboration, and encourage excellence amongst local creatives.


CAYA is merely a continuation of these lifelong personal passions - surrounding himself with creative people that inspire him, introducing them to one another and igniting powerful creative relationships, and fostering a sense of community amongst those creatives that he is honoured to call friends and acquaintances.   He's always pushing to improve himself, as well as his projects, and loves including others in those processes.  He's also pretty hands on, so there's a very good chance you'll see him in studio!  Say hi, he'd love to get to know you a bit better!


If you'd like to get in touch with us to get on board with us as a creator, have any questions about bookings, want to hire one of our creators, or want to work with us on a production, as a sponsor, presenter, or anything else, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we'd love to chat!


First Floor

111 Loop Street

Cape Town City Center


Cape Town

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