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A.R.T stands for 'Art Reaches Thought' and aims to implement and convey the ideologies of collaboration, community, and upliftment. We founded this particular collective as a reaction to Cape Town's tendency to be quite cliquey and hesitant to sharing resources, as well as a belief that there is space for growth in the creative industry.  We believe that we have the ability to usher in a new wave of creatives spearheaded by our generation. 

Our journey has developed so organically and we are privileged to have partnered with a company to aid us through providing us with studio time and resources in exchange for creating content with them. In addition to this, we have collaborated with The Electric, which offered us their space because they believed in our dream and holistic inclination towards change and evolution. Through her, we were able to bring you 'SYNERGY' - a multifaceted exhibition showcasing local, young, and talented photographers, artists, and writers. We successfully created an enjoyable, multi-faceted artistic experience as opposed a two-dimensional detached showcase and are looking forward to organizing more events of this nature in the future!

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Filmography, Graphic Design, Art.


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Impeccable!  What more would you expect from a collective of some of Cape Town's most exciting digital creatives?

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