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Ever wondered what the crew of CAYA - one of Cape Town's most exciting and innovative media production companies - gets up to?  Join us as we discuss a wide array of topics, including (but not limited to) the state of Cape Town's creative industry, change-makers and wave-shapers in our industry, our experiences as a media production team, and share the stories of our friends and collaborators within the industry.  Already featuring some of Cape Town's biggest and most exciting upcoming names across media and entertainment, we look forward to continuing to open up conversations around the lows & highs of the creative industry in Cape Town.

Whilst we typically only use one camera for this podcast, and the focus is very firmly on the quality of the conversations being had, the people on the couch, and the topics at hand, this is the largest podcast that we work on, and is one where we regularly experiment with new setups, editing tricks, and configurations!

  Lorcan Berg
  Lorcan Berg & Jared van Schoor
  Durand Pelser
  Brad Farrell & Gina Alpert

Director of Photography:  
Video Editors:  
Audio Editor:  

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