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Chasing Stages is a video series concept developed by CAYA Creative Productions. The team will follow some of the biggest names, and the most exciting newcomers in the South African music scene on the day of a major performance. As the live events & music industry opens back up after nearly two years in limbo, the day of a big show remains an exciting yet nerve-wracking one for any artist.

Let's be honest - people miss a good party, and now more than ever, they don't not want to waste their time on a half-hearted jol. They are careful and selective as to the events they attend. The allure of live music and festivals affords us all the human connection we have been craving throughout the pandemic; the long-awaited return to the stage beckons to performers and music-lovers alike. We want to show our support by reminding people of the magic of live events -drink in hand, connecting with people around them through the universal language that is music.

The pilot episode was featured/reviewed in articles our friends over at Texx and the City, Bizcommunity, and the Cape Creative Collective, and we're so thankful for the support!

Writer & Director:  
Director of Photography:  
Assistant Camera:  

  Bradley Farrell
  Bradley Farrell, Durand Pelser & Gina Alpert
  Lorcan Berg
  Addison Cox, Gina Alpert & Durand Pelser
  Lorcan Berg, Addison Cox & Durand Pelser
  Jono Greyling
  Jono Greyling, Hugo Janssens & Greg Dixon
  of Hey Imagine

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