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We've been a part of the podcasting & content creation game in Cape Town for three years now, and have been a part of the podcasting industry growing from a fledgling creative medium to a fully developed marketing and branding sector. 


We've been blessed to work with dozens of brands & creators over the years, from corporates to creators, in sectors including entrepreneurship, property, financial management, careers & recruitment, education, sports, culture and more!  Some of the projects we've worked on have been nominated for national awards, generated hundreds of thousands of views, and hosted powerful conversations with nationally recognised political leaders, CEOs, academics and creatives.

As a part of our mission to make growing authentically online as accessible as possible, and serve as many people as possible, we're really excited to be rolling out a number of educational resources to share our experience and expertise from producing more than 1000 podcast episodes & other content.  This includes free content resources aiming to answer your most common questions, digital products for you to empower yourself with, and physical workshops and courses for hands on, real-time value. 


We truly believe in podcasting as a medium for business development, entertainment, empowerment, transformation and representation - so we do it ourselves.  You'll find the majority of our content is podcast-based, allowing us to cover topics in depth, whilst pulling out bite-sized nuggets of powerful, valuable knowledge for sharing with the world on our socials.  

We also have a Knowledge Sharing blog, where we share insights from our team's processes, systems & experience to answer your most common questions, concerns, and areas of interest!

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Our flagship podcast, now in season 2, has hosted a glittering lineup of Cape Town & South Africa's creative community, discussing all things creative growth, professionalism, change, innovation & business.

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This episodes covers the basics of podcasting: What is podcasting? ️ Why should YOU start a podcast? As well as discussing common mistakes NEW podcasters make (& how to avoid them!)

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In this episode, the team start unravelling the podcast pre-production process! They discuss the importance of Setting Goals, Defining your Audience, Episodic & Seasonal Structure, & more!

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In this episode, the team break down more critical parts of the podcast pre-production process! Discussing Distribution, Marketing, Guest Preparation & more, the insight's invaluable & a must-listen for all podcasters!




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