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On the 21st of May 2022, we were invited to document Nasty C's Ivyson Army Tour on it's Cape Town leg, hosted at the beautiful Hearty Collective in Woodstock.  We were there from soundcheck to closing, and were able to capture amazing footage and photographs of all the performers. Please find a small selection of some of our coverage of Nasty C's performance below.

The lineup featured some of Cape Town and South Africa's hottest rising stars, established icons, DJ's and rappers alike, and even featured international opening act Domani right before Nasty's headline performance.  Thanks to all those on Nasty's team, the Ivyson Army Tour team, the UMG team, and the Hearty team for such a special event!  We look forward to working with you in the future!  If you'd like this kind of performance coverage for your event or performance, get in touch with us here.

Director of Photography:  
Assistant Camera Operators:  


  Lorcan Berg
  Bradley Farrell
  Georgia Stander
  Gina Alpert
  Brad Farrell

  Jared van Schoor
  Lorcan Berg

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