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Nayati Moodliar

"I have a passion for the earth, ocean and the environment as I have a deep spiritual connection to it. I am motivated to give back to this planet, as I feel we are in debt to it because of the harm and injustices we have caused it. I’m seeking out a way for people to change their relationship with nature so that they may have a positive impact and I believe I can do this through film."

"I’ve fully embarked on my videography and editing journey last year, but I’ve always played around with the camera when I was a child. I’m still learning a lot but I believe I have a unique eye for it."

"At the moment I’ve been creating video content that is optimized for social media. These videos are about 30- 60seconds. The short duration of these videos has forced me to think more creatively and become more precise in my videography and editing. They have a contemporary flow and designed for short attention spans. I enhance my edit by synchronizing music to visuals. However, my real purpose is to create films about our relationship with nature, which will positively influence people’s behaviour."

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What you'd expect from a surf filmographer - chilled, fun, and great hair!

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