A super important part of what we do here at CAYA is done through our work with Creatives.  Not only do we provide our Studios at great prices to creatives, but we also engage a whole bunch of them to work alongside us to create great content, whether that be under the CAYA banner, or on their own platforms.  Whatever the case, these are digital creators who we believe are the cream of the crop, with bright futures ahead of them, and we couldn't be more excited to be working alongside them. 

Booking the CAYA Creators

Put it this way - we really back these humans.  Each of them brings not only a wealth of technical skill and natural talent to their work, but (more importantly, we think) they're also a delight to have around.  These are good people who make good work whilst making the people around them feel good too, and those are pretty decent traits to have in your content creator. 

If you like the look of any of their portfolios (available by clicking on their profile), and would like to book them, or have them quote on a project for you, you can get in touch with us, and we'll handle all of the admin so that you don't have to!  Otherwise, if you're not too sure yet who you want, but you've got a really great project in mind, give us a shout!  We'd love to help you build the team of your dreams.  You can email us on with whatever ideas you've got, and we'll be in touch.