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The Photo Floor

A favourite of young designers, aspiring digital creators, brands, and more, our Photo Floor provides visual creators with a number of options in terms of backdrops, lighting setups, furniture, props, and equipment.  This provides digital creators with the flexibility and options that they need to create work of an international standard.  As we endeavour to lower barriers to entry into the creative industry, with our low hourly rate of R350, including all equipment for the space, as well as access to the CAYA Lounge, the value for money is incredible.

Size / 

40 sqm.

Capacity / 

10 pax

Attributes / 

Natural Lighting, Concrete Floor, Industrial Aesthetic.

Best for / 

Filmography, Photography, Sit-Down Shows

Cost including gear /  

R350/hour || R1250/4 hours || R2100/8 hours

Photo Floor Gallery

Photo Floor Gear

All Gear

Installed - Lighting:

  1. 2x GODOX SL60W Video Light (with reflector, softbox, and stand). Remote available on request.

  2. 2x Tolifo R1948 Ring Light Kit (with stand, camera mount, phone mount, and batteries). Remote available on request.

  3. RODE VideoMicro Camera Microphone

  4. Mini Projector

  5. Camera Tripod


Additional items available for rental at highly competitive rates through our incredible photo gear partners Orms.  Please inquire with your requirements and we will revert with available options.

On Request - Audio (Pending Availability):

  1. Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Interface

  2. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Interface

  3. Soundcraft Spirit E12 Mixing Console

  4. 3x RODE Procaster Dynamic (with RODE PSM1 Shock Mount)

  5. Shure SM58 Dynamic

  6. Shure SM57 Dynamic

  7. Scarlett Studio Headphones

  8. 2x Sennheiser HD206 Headphones

  9. 2x RODE DS1 Desk Stand

  10. 3x Microphone Stand

  11. 2x Samson PS1 Pop Filter


On Request - Lighting (Pending Availability):

  1. Chauvet Obey 70 Lighting Controller

  2. 2x BeamZ 7-in-1 LED Parcans

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