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CAYA Update/Newsletter 02

It took all of one newsletter for the prophesised lack of consistency to come into play - it has definitely been longer than a week since the last (and first) update/newsletter. But it has been a busy couple of weeks, so I feel slightly more justified.

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Our space mid-build, with walls up, paint on, and doors in!

You know how I said that we'd moved into our final space?

Well, that didn't quite happen. We moved into it, and then, after several meetings with our shareholders, decided to move again, into what really is our final space (promise). Our home space is on the second floor of the Neighbourgood co-work space, and we're very happy with it!

The Studios

Studio One Two's Company

What's the difference? Good question! We've retained the same amount of studio floor space as in the previous configuration, divided into two roughly 20 square meter studio spaces. The first, Studio One, is a roughly square space, with acoustically insulated walls, thick carpeting, and no exterior light, meaning that you can control every aspect of the environment. It'll be outfitted with some LED production lights, a lighting console, and a lighting truss, onto which other photo/video lights can be attached. Our second studio, delightfully called Two's Company, is a longer, more rectangular space, with two windows at the end opposite the entrance, which gives the space access to gorgeous afternoon light, and soft daylight in the morning. Both spaces will be able to be outfitted with gear to facilitate any number of filmographic, photographic and audio production purposes.

The Lounge

The Lounge will continue to be a key part of what we do here at CAYA. We'll have couches to lounge on pre/post/during a session, tub chairs for those intense creative conversations and a TV with an Xbox 360 (#throwback, we know, but we don't really want to incentivise you into playing games too much). The Lounge will still be designed to encourage and facilitate community, conversation, collaboration, and communication amongst the creatives of Cape Town, and also to showcase their work (think living exhibition, actual exhibitions, installations, etc.). We want this to be a space that radiates love, acceptance, creativity, art, and life, and would love your input into ideas that could really make that happen.

Where to from here?

Well, exciting stuff people! As I write this, the walls have been built and painted, furniture is all in, the carpets are installed, and we're already fired up to be creating some great content! The space is ready for use, and we'd love to give you all (the CAYA Creators, Neighbourgood family, and our wonderful partners) the opportunity to use it whilst it's still fresh and new. (Quite literally, we'd love to have you come check out the space from Monday next week). Obviously, in the email that you got this in, you would've been able to log into our website and check it out. If you want to book yourself a session in the space, even if it's just to check it out and come say hi, feel free - use the booking platform (Skedda) on our site to make your booking, and ensure that you sign up for your Skedda profile using the link here, or in your website profile.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, it really means a lot.



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