CAYA Weekly Update 01

Updated: Mar 5

The first in a probably-irregular series of weekly newsletters(ish) from Brad Farrell.

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What's up team!

This is going to likely become a way for me to communicate regular updates, news, and goings-on with the broader CAYA community, but for now, it's for you! Please indulge me, I'll try to give you all the key details as quickly, efficiently, and somewhat entertainingly as possible.

Situation Update:

So some things have changed regarding our space for the full implementation of CAYA - instead of moving into the separate space across the bridge from the Neighbourgood Workspace, we're actually going to move into the big open space directly across the passage from the Glassbox that you've all come to know and love (kinda?).

This actually gives us the freedom to design the space as we'd want, rather than just having to deal with the other space as is. We've got almost double the floorspace now, which will include pretty much the same amount of studio space, along with a ton of creative workspace (think dedicated desks, but way more fun), as well as space for a proper lounge/chill space/casual workspace, that will be easily four times bigger than the original!

We'll also have the usage of the Neighbourgood amenities, as if you were a normal member. This means easy access to reception, the balconies, bathrooms right next door, kitchen also right next door, showers, and more! Being a part of the Neighbourgood Workspace also makes it much easier for all of you to secure additional clientele.

The Studios:

We're going to build three separate studio spaces as the core of our offering. Studio One will be our main studio, a 20 square meter space that will have installed LED lighting, great acoustic insulation, and a direct connection into Two's Company. Two's Company is our second 12 square meter space, sharing a wall with Studio One, that can be used as a standalone studio or a control room for Studio One. It also shares a wall with Three's A Crowd, our third, cutest studio, an 8 square meter space designed for smaller projects, like vocal recording, podcasts, or product photography.

The Workspace:

The middle third of our whole space will be taken up by a group of 21 hot/dedicated desks, which will be rented to CAYA members on a monthly/weekly/daily basis, to be used as creative workspaces, where one can work surrounded by other creative people, who will encourage and push you to meet your potential.

For now, we've got ten desks (above) in the space up for grabs, and we'd love for you, as a part of the larger CAYA family, to come claim one as your own for the rest of March. It'd be great to have you in the space on the regular, and to start fostering that community and collaboration that I've been prattling on about.

The Lounge:

This will be where the magic of the CAYA community will happen. Our lounge will be kitted out with couches, armchairs, and perch seating, all designed to encourage and facilitate community, conversation, collaboration, and communication amongst the creatives of Cape Town. We want this to be a space that radiates love, acceptance, creativity, art, and life, and would love your input into things that could really make that happen. If you've got any suggestions for the lounge space, hit us up at with your ideas!

We're likely going to get started on building the studio spaces early next week, and will be able to use the workspace component from then on out. I'm super duper excited for all of the new possibilities that this space will present to all of us, and I can't wait for you to see it!

Obviously this is a #exclusive, #secret newsletter, designed for your eyes only! Do not share anything about CAYA, who we are, our name, all that jazz, until our official market launch.

Yours in all things creative energy,


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