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Released in December 2021, CAYA’s  "Queer Creator Celebration" project foregrounds Queer voices and narratives within the creative industry. We sat down with some of Cape Town's best-known and up-and-coming young queer creators in an interview series that alllowed for in-depth conversations. Formatted into two parts comprising of three interviews each, we were able highlight the most insightful and valuable moments from each interview.  This allows viewers to consume the most powerful and critical moments with ease and enjoyment. quickly and effectively, without becoming fatigued.

Creative Director:  
Director of Photography:  
Assistant Camera:  

  Gina Alpert
  Lorcan Berg
  Addison Cox & Bradley Farrell
  Addison Cox, Lorcan Berg & Gina Alpert
  Durand Pelser, Bradley Farrell & Gina Alpert

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