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CAYA Method for Corporate: P3-Expression

Refining the finishes on your brand’s outward-facing elements for clear & authentic brand expression

  • 50 min
  • 5,995 South African rand
  • Consultation conducted over Google Meet

Service Description

The Come As You Are (CAYA) Method is a collection of holistic creative strategy services & deliverables offered by our senior team members with formal degrees in Media & Information Systems. The CAYA Method aims to help businesses create frameworks and systems to present authentic, value-based, & engaging brands. This is a FUN approach to doing content - that isn't fake, cringey, or unnatural. In fact, it's the exact opposite - real, engaging and authentic! This version of the CAYA Method is designed specifically for larger, more established businesses with more than 10 employees, to take into account the more established brand, team, and marketing strategy. After the Substance and Positioning Sessions, our team will take you through a series of questions with the intent of gaining a deeper understanding of how you envision your brand's portrayal - from your brand's voice to the lifestyle you aim to inspire, from colours, to types, to digital touchpoints. They will use this interview to internally consult and produce a Brand Expression document, used as the metaphorical framework of the structure on which we'll eventually build your various content platforms. This Brand Expression document is most valuable for aligning all members of the team around how the brand should be expressed and portrayed across all external applications.

Contact Details

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