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The Soundstage

Our Soundstage is a performance and production environment designed to provide creators, brands, and production teams with a space to create a wide variety of digital media that can comfortably compete with the highest quality comparable productions worldwide.  With equipment and brands trusted and used by industry leaders all over the world, our complement of acoustic panels, furniture, and lighting options, the Soundstage is the ideal environment to level up your podcast, YouTube channel, livestreaming setup, interview series, webinar, or digital course.


This space was designed and built by our Productions division, to meet the needs of that team and our corporate clientele.  If you need assistance in producing your project, whether it be through consultancy, production planning, or the production of the project itself, please check out our Productions website here.

Size / 

>20 sqm.


Capacity / 

10 pax

Attributes / 

Carpeted, raised floor (stage), acoustic panels, curtain for performances/privacy.

Best for / 

Podcast, Livestreams, Sit-Down Shows

Cost including gear / 

R400/hour || R1450/4 hours || R2400/8 hours

Soundstage Gallery

Podcast Studio Gallery
Podcast Studio Gear

Soundstage Gear

All Gear

Installed - Audio:

  1. Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Interface

  2. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Interface

  3. Soundcraft Spirit E12 Mixing Console

  4. 3x RODE Procaster Dynamic (with RODE PSM1 Shock Mount)

  5. Shure SM58 Dynamic

  6. Shure SM57 Dynamic

  7. Scarlett Studio Headphones

  8. 2x Sennheiser HD206 Headphones

  9. 2x RODE DS1 Desk Stand

  10. 3x Microphone Stand

  11. 2x Samson PS1 Pop Filter

Installed - Lighting:

  1. Chauvet Obey 70 Lighting Controller

  2. 2x BeamZ 7-in-1 LED Parcans

On Request - Audio:

  1. Proel DI Box

  2. RODE NT1A Large Diaphragm Condenser (with RODE PSM1 Shock Mount)

  3. Shure PG81 Small Diaphragm Condenser

  4. Samson CO2 Small Diaphragm Condenser

  5. 2x Behringer C2 Small Diaphragm Condenser (Matched Pair)

  6. Scarlett CM25 Large Diaphragm Condenser


On Request - Lighting (Pending Availability):

  1. 2x Tolifo 1948RGB Ring Light

  2. 2x Godox SL60W Video Light


Additional items available for rental at highly competitive rates through our incredible audio gear partners Sound Works.  Please inquire with your requirements and we will revert with available options.

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