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The Studio

The Studio is the core of everything that happens at CAYA - it's where we work on client productions - from planning to production to post - film our own content, nap, play FIFA, have lunch, and much more.  

We have curated our studio space to meet the requirements of our own multi-media productions, as well as those of our clients.  We are so excited to share that space and its capabilities with our family of the most exciting young artists and creators in Cape Town!

The Soundstage

Soundstage 3.png

Spanning more than 20 square meters, fitted with acoustic panels, production lighting, a full PA system and backdrop stands, the Soundstage is ideal for producing podcasts, videos, livestreams, and more!

The Studio

Studio 1.png

The Soundstage and the Photo Floor can be combined to create a large production studio with plenty of space for production equipment and crew.  Alternatively, it can be transformed into a medium-sized event space complete with a full PA system, stage, dancefloor, and entrance foyer.  

The Photo Floor

Photo Floor 1.png

Adjacent to the Soundstage is our Photo Floor, a large open space nearly 40 square meters in total, filled with our complement of backdrops, backdrop stands, lights, peripheral equipment and furniture. 

The Lounge


In for a studio session but need to take a break to reload those creative juices?  Working on a production with our team but need a space for a breakaway chat?  You can do all that and more in our stunningly lit, spacious lounge, complete with a 55-inch HD TV, couches, chairs, an Xbox, and blankets galore.  

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