[kai - ya]

  1. (abr.)  Create As You Are {C.A.Y.A}.

  2. (abr.)  Come As You Are {C.A.Y.A}.

  3. (trans.)  khaya - isiXhosa for ‘house’ or ‘home’

  4. (trans.)  kuier - Afrikaans for ’visit’ or ‘hang out’.

Welcome to CAYA!  We are more than just a studio space.  We are a community built from inception by creatives, for creatives.

At CAYA, our vision for the brand is to provide on-demand spaces and services that make the process of creating digital content simpler, cheaper, and more accessible for all.

We do that in two ways - firstly, by providing full-service media production services for brands and individuals looking to push and innovate their content and media production to outshine their competition, through our Productions division.  The second way in which we strive to achieve our vision is through renting out our studio space, outfitted with professional-grade video/photo lighting, podcast and live music audio gear, backdrops and more - at affordable prices.