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We've been a part of the podcasting game in Cape Town for three years now, and have been a part of the industry growing from a fledgling creative medium to a fully developed marketing and branding sector. 


We've been blessed to work with dozens of podcasters over the years, from corporates to creators, in sectors including entrepreneurship, property, financial management, careers & recruitment, education, sports, culture and more!  Some of the podcasts we've worked on have been nominated for national awards, generated hundreds of thousands of views, and hosted powerful conversations with nationally recognised political leaders, CEOs, academics and creatives.

As a part of our mission to make podcasting at a high level as accessible as possible, and serve as many people as possible, we're really excited to be rolling out a number of educational resources to share our experience and expertise from producing more than 1000 podcast episodes.


In April, we're releasing a new podcast series called 'Behind the Mic: The Podcaster's Guide', as well as our first E-Book, 'The CAYA Guide to Podcasting', covering the ins and outs of everything you need to know to start and grow your podcast.  In May, we'll be releasing our short video course on exactly how to do that, with practical examples and case studies.  In June, we're going to be releasing our first live masterclass course, going deep on the management, scaling and business development of your podcast


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